Just so you know...

2017-08-11 09:37:56 by ThePixelation

I make more animations on my YouTube channel: Its Me Ivan! I only put bigger animations on NG, there are worth a few animations on there.

I'm alive

2017-03-17 13:23:04 by ThePixelation

As you saw, I made an actual sprite animation! And I'm not dead, I am currently working on certain things, like a new sprite animation, and I have 2 entries for the Mario Question Block Collab Calamity hosted by MCQSquare, which is gonna come out April 14. I am also gonna have 1 entry in The Kirby Collab 3 hosted by GamerRaven. So thats basically it, also I have a DeviantArt, and make sure to check out my YouTube Channel, by the name of Its Me Ivan!



3/5 stars currently!

2017-02-06 16:33:41 by ThePixelation

Thanks guys for 3/5 stars on my latest movie! currently working on my next one, which is gonna be fully sprite animation!

It will hopefully be way better!

I just released my first movie: Randy Solem | King of Pixles

Hope it will get enough votes!

my first project is under way, it is a tribute to someone who dyed about 5 years ago ;)